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When Your Body Talks

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By answering questions about yourself combined with genomic insights from your tampon, Jane can help you demystify your health

The uterus is a hyper-receptive organ that responds to external and internal stimuli (from stress to disease). The menstrual cycle offers a way of non-invasively tracking this responsiveness as an indicator of health



Jane uses your survey responses to better understand how your lived experience affects your health


Jane uses your tampon samples to look at cells shed naturally from your reproductive tract


Jane interprets the data from your tampons within the context of your survey data for a comprehensive picture of reproductive health

Jane Listens

Why does the survey matter?

Many factors impact your menstrual cycle. We are trying to map out how your menstrual cycle responds to different stimuli and reflects your health.

Starting the survey is the first step in your journey with NextGen Jane.

Tell Your Story. Jane’s Listening.

Jane Sees

The uterus is a sentinel for your health. The menstrual cycle is a convenient way to sample the uterus

The survey is only the start. If you’re interested in advancing the science of uterine biology, the collection of your tampon is the next step.

We can leverage this rich source of material through our collection kit (organic cotton and safe to be used at home)

Your sample allows us to tie genomic signals to health outcomes

Collect and collect often. Data over time is the most powerful tool in expanding our collective knowledge.

Learn about all our active studies!

Jane Speaks

We need the right tools in order to become stewards of our own health

Inputs from the survey are valuable – from answering questions about the number of period products you use to the levels of pain you experience. Tampon analysis sheds further light on actual molecular data from your reproductive tract. This is Jane’s foundation for creating a more sophisticated understanding of gynecological health.

Jane is building a first-of-its-kind resource library to help you navigate your health.

All The Ways You Can Get Involved

Explore our on-going studies

Building a non-invasive diagnostic for endometriosis, adenomyosis and fibroids

(Recruiting suspected or confirmed diagnosis)

Developing a “Typical” Menstrual Baseline

(Recruiting Healthy volunteers)

Understanding Pregnancy Health

(Recruiting pregnant individuals who are at risk for pre-eclampsia and preterm labor)

Improving prenatal diagnostics

(Recruiting pregnant individuals)

Register for Upcoming Clinical Studies

Together, we can transform gynecological health

The survey takes only 30 mins of your time, and adds exponential value

We mail you the collection kit, you can use it at home and return it through the mail

We will communicate our findings on the website at an aggregate level, providing easy access to smart insights

We Prioritize Privacy

We do not share data with employers, advertisers, or insurers who can monetize the data or leverage it for targeted ads.

The NextGen Jane

Origin Story

Jane was conceptualized as a way to provide broad fertility insights to people in the easiest manner possible. With time, the clear unmet needs in reproductive health focused our work on understanding the underlying biology of endometriosis and other menstrual issues. Today, Jane is dedicated to exploring, asking and answering the questions that impact any aspect of our well being.

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January 20, 2023

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