you have no way
of knowing
what's happening
on the inside.

Your body is constantly talking to you — letting you know when you are sick or exhausted. Biological markers are the words your body uses to communicate internally. What if you could decipher the language and listen to the chatter?

At NextGen Jane,
we believe data can empower women.

We are developing a product which can help you understand what your body is trying to tell you and reveal important information about your health in the privacy of your home. Come find out more — about us and about yourself.

  • — the exact route you need to take to work or class to hit your fitbit goal

  • — the $/ sq foot of the dream apartment in your favorite neighborhood

  • — how many times you can wear your "interview" pants before you have to dry clean them

  • Awesome. Information is Power.

So now let's get empowered about your health.

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When you're constantly listening in to your body's inner monologue and addressing issues at a nascent stage - at home, on your own time, with a device that fits into your schedule, you won't have to make trade-offs between your health and the precious hours of your day.

Know Thyself. The Greeks knew the deal. Take this quiz and find out how you rate on the self-care spectrum!