There’s power in the menstrualome

We are We’re unlocking the data of your monthly period.

What’s the big idea?

  • The uterus is a hyper-responsive organ that responds to external and internal stimuli, from stress to disease.
  • Your period taps into the uterus’ data trove, so menstrual blood contains early indicators of health and disease that’s hard to get any other way.
  • Next Gen Jane is building a community of menstruators who together are translating our periods: what’s our menstrualome telling us about our bodies, and about disease?

How are we doing this?

Members of our community mail us their tampons using a patented, specially-designed (and totally fool-proof) collection kit.

It’s like a mini-science experiment in your bathroom, and the genomic insights can have a huge impact on women’s health, and your own.


Periods, pregnancy, menopause – whether you think these are part of your superpower or a burden, they deserve the type of astonishing investigation, resources and clarity we know our advanced society can achieve…and we know that if we don’t do it ourselves, no one is going to do it for us.

You can power the menstrualome movement

How do I start?

A survey is the beginning of a conversation

Many factors impact your menstrual cycle. We’ll collect demographic information and ask you about your general health and menstruating history. We’ll use this information to understand how your menstrual cycle responds to different stimuli.

Starting the survey is the first step in your journey with NextGen Jane.

You can power the menstrualome movement

What’s next?

The uterus is a sentinel for your health. The menstrual cycle is a convenient way to sample the uterus

The survey is only the beginning. If you’re interested in advancing the science of uterine biology, the collection of your tampon is the next step.

Jane collects this rich sample type through our collection kit (organic cotton tampon and safe to use at home).

Your sample allows Jane to tie genomic signals to health outcomes.

Data over time is the most powerful tool in expanding our knowledge base and giving you the information you need to make decisions with confidence.

You can power the menstrualome movement

It’s time we know more

Jane is the only longitudinal molecular study of women’s menstruation on the planet

What will a more sophisticated, molecular understanding of gynecological health make possible?

Better diagnostics that help you understand what is happening to your body. More, precise options for treatment. The tools to manage your health proactively, not reactively.

Isn’t it about time?

Keep up with the science. Get updates on our research and be notified when we launch new studies

Together, we can transform gynecological health

The survey takes only 30 mins of your time and helps our science even if you don’t mail in your tampon.
We send you a few tampon collection kits, and you simply return them to us in the mail.
Jane interprets the data from your tampons within the context of your survey data for a comprehensive picture of gynecological health
We respect your privacy

Your data is anonymized in our research, and your personal information is not shared with employees, advertisers, or insurers. Read our privacy policy.

NextGen Jane

Our origin story

Jane was conceptualized as a way to provide broad fertility insights to people in the easiest manner possible. With time, the clear unmet needs in reproductive health focused our work on understanding the underlying biology of endometriosis and other menstrual issues. At Jane we continue to grow, and we are dedicated to exploring, asking and answering the questions that impact any aspect of our well being.

You can power the menstrualome movement.